Here are lists of Wedding Anniversaries with the associated materials, gems and flowers and Months with Birthstones and flowers to help tailor your cardmaking to suit the occasion.
We have number stamps and some of the anniversary milestones as words and tags

Weddings Anniversaries with material, gem and flower associations
1st Paper Carnation   2nd Cotton Lily of the Valley
3rd Leather Sunflower   4th Books Hydrangea
5th Wood Daisy   6th Iron Calla
7th Wool Freesia   8th Bronze Lilac
9th Copper Bird of Paradise   10th Tin Daffodil
11th Steel Tulip   12th Silk Peony
13th Lace Chrysanthemum   14th Ivory Dahlia
15th Crystal Rose   20th China Aster
25th Silver Iris   28th   Orchid
30th Pearl Lily   35th Coral  
40th Ruby Gladiolus   45th Sapphire  
50th Gold Yellow Roses   55th Emerald  
60th Diamond     65th Blue Sapphire  
70th Platinum     75th Diamond & Gold  
80th Oak          
   Birthday Months with stones and flower associations
January Garnet   Carnation, Snowdrop
February Amethyst Iris, Violet, Primrose
March Aquamarine Daffodil, Jonquil
April Diamond Daisy, Peony
May Emerald Lily, Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn
June Pearl Rose, Honeysuckle
July Ruby Delphinium, Larkspur, Water Lily
August Peridot Dahlia, Gladiolus, Poppy
September Sapphire Aster, Forget-me-not, Morning Glory
October Opal Calendula (Marigold), Cosmos
November Topaz Chrysanthemum
December Turquoise Poinsetta, Holly, Narcissus, Paperwhite