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Steps for opening digi attachments, inserting into a Word document, resizing and cropping

1a. To download from a link - click on the download link in the email and on the page and choose where to save the file. If you are using Firefox as your browser it will make a folder called Downloads in your My Documents folder. Wait for the download to complete.

1b. To save an attachment from an email - click on the paperclip attachments icon at the side of the email and go down to Save Attachments. Click the Browse button at the bottom to see or change the Save To folder, so that you know where it will be. Click Save.

2. To find and extract a zipped folder -  Go to the folder where you have saved the file or zipped folder. Right-click on the zipped folder and choose Extract All. The separate files in the folder will then be copied out for you to use. You can do this as many times as you want to because the zipped folder will always remain intact.

3. To insert into a Word document - Open a new Word document. On the toolbar at the top go to View/Toolbars. Tick the Picture toolbar.
Open the folder where the file is so that you can see the document and the images at the same time. Drag an image onto the new Word page.
Select the image and then click on the 'format picture' icon on the Picture toolbar.
Or, you can select the image, right-click on it and choose Format Picture.
In the box that opens, click the Layout tab and click on the 'in front of text' option. Click 'OK'. This will allow you to move the image around the page.

4. To resize - click on the image to select it. Drag one of the corners inwards to reduce the size, or outwards to increase the size. Hold down the Shift key while you do it to ensure that the proportions stay correct.

5. To crop an item from a sheet - Drag the sheet onto the page and follow Step 3.
Click on the image to select it. Click the Crop icon on the Picture Toolbar. You will see small heavy black lines at the sides and corners of the image. Hover the mouse cursor over one of the lines at the side of the image. When it is on the line it will change to a 'T' shape. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the 'T' inwards until the part you don't want has disappeared. Do the same for other sides of the image until you are left with the part you want to keep.
Deselect the Crop function by clicking it on the Picture Toolbar.
Click on your image, resize it if you wish, copy, paste and arrange on the page.
Drag the whole sheet on again and repeat for additional parts of the image.

6. Save it! - Once you have a page that you would like to use again go to File/Save as, and give it a unique name then save it to a folder where you can find it again.

If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me!

Nicky x