Stamping Instructions

If you haven't used clear unmounted stamps with acrylic blocks before, you may be puzzled by written instructions.
Here are some photos that I hope will make it all clearer for you! You can also download these instructions
You can use these stamps for stamping/embossing sugar paste and fondant icing, see the Gallery for some great examples. Photopolymer stamps do not contain latex, phthalates, melamine, carcinogens, toxic or harmful compounds. They should be scrubbed in hot soapy water, rinsed and dried before use. Maybe they could be dusted with icing sugar before use to act as a barrier to stop the icing sticking.
Sorry, I don't sell ink pads. Don't use Stazon on clear stamps, it can make them go hard.
Top tip from Shirley H, for tiny stamps, use the side of a Lego block as a mount

Acrylic block 5cm x 5cm - Acrylic block 5cm x 8cm - Pack of two acrylic blocks - Acrylic block 5cm x 2.5cm

Here is a clear unmounted stamp, as it comes to you

Here is an acrylic block, dirty, with red paint on

1. Remove the clear backing from the stamp. Press the smooth side of the stamp onto the acrylic block, it will cling by itself

2. Lay the block onto a hard surface and tap the ink pad gently all over the stamp, so that there are no blobs of ink

3. Turn the block over and press the inked stamp gently onto your paper or card.


Peel the stamp off the block and rub the stamp under a running tap to clean the ink off. You can use dishwashing liquid if you wish. Store out of light.